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The new unified “CIC Green Product Certification” scheme aims to transform Hong Kong into a greener built environment by providing a certification platform for building and construction products / materials. The CIC Green Product Certification scheme is formed by the unification of the Carbon Labelling Scheme (CLS), administered by the Construction Industry Council (CIC), and HK G-PASS, managed by the Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC). This new scheme is owned by CIC and operated by HKGBC. The certification criteria include but not limited to carbon footprint, environmental management system, efficiency, performance, human toxicity, ecosystem impact and resource consumption. The scheme differentiates products which have significantly reduced their impact on the environment.

In order to provide a smooth transition, the unified scheme will enter into a transition period lasting until end of December 2019. During this period, two streams namely “CIC Green Product Certification - Carbon Labelling Scheme” and “CIC Green Product Certification – HK G-PASS” will be deployed to signify the transfer from CLS and HK G-PASS respectively. Both the existing and new logos can be used concurrently during the transition period with the aim to subsequently replace the CLS and HK G-PASS brandings . The new “CIC Green Product Certification” logo and certificate will be enforced in 2020.

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