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PaveGo Permeable Paver
Licence Number: CICGPC-L-19005(PBl)
Model Number: 55mm
Category: Pavement Block
Subcategory: N/A
Description: In general term for the base of permeable paving may be porous, to allow for fluids to flow through it, or nonporous media that are spaced so that fluid may flow in between the gaps to reduce surface runoff and traps suspended solids therefore filtering pollutants from storm water.

There are multiple types of permeable pavement in the market such as Porous Asphalt, Single-Sized Aggregate, Plastic Grids, Porous Turf, Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavers etc.. but none of the above mentioned adopts with the existing road works system in Hong Kong effectively against permeability without adjusting its standard specifications of the General Paving Works for Pedestrian Footpaths & Driveways.

In view of the above mentioned, a revolutionary system has been introduced to the market named as “Permeable Paver”, providing not only a comparable or even better performance on the physical properties of ordinary clay and concrete pavers, but also featuring an outstanding permeability rate up to 2.1x10-2 cm/s, achieving the “Grade A” standard of the Chinese Permeable Pavers requirements (GB/T 25993-2010).

In fact, Permeable Paver has already been widely used in many cities in Mainland China and Macau in cooperating with the concept of “Sponge City”.
Company Name: Score Building Materials Ltd.
Address: 18/F., Fun Tower, 35 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong. Hong Kong
Telephone No.: 60632177
Website: www.score.com.hk
Manufacture/Supply of Product: Glazing, Stone (Natural), Wall Covering, Adhesive & Sealant, Stone (Artificial), Pavement Block
Company Introduction: Established in 1982, Score Building Materials Ltd. has a very long history of trading a wide range of building materials and accumulates rich experiences in supplying for large projects. Mainly aims at trading high quality of building materials.
With abundant job references, Score has supplied for governmental and private constructions. To preserve, and at the same time, enhance our reputation, our objective is to ensure we always provide the best quality goods and services.
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