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LE Compound Stone
Licence Number: CICGPC-L-22257(Sto)
Model Number: LE
Category: Stone (Artificial)
Subcategory: N/A
Description: Leigei Compound Stone is the excellent product of premium minerals and recycled materials more advanced and sustainable on the market, manufactured with the exclusive and innovative technology. Various sizes, grains and color tones of the most precious stones are skillfully blended with quality resins to obtain superior, versatile and technically advanced beautiful surfaces.

Leigei Reconstituted Stone gives a contemporary interpretation of the timeless look of stone, available in different color nuances and particle sizes, expertly blended to give a touch of sophistication to any environment.

Our products offer a large choice of colors, textures and exclusive finishes. Nuances, composition and sizes can be fully customized. Waterjet cutting and fabrication are also available for further personalization.
Company Name: Leigei Stone Company Limited
Address: Room 1107, 11/F, Startex Industrial Building, 14 Tai Yau Street, Sanpongkong, KLN., HK.
Telephone No.: 98532282
Manufacture/Supply of Product: Stone (Artificial)
Company Introduction: 利机石材有限公司引用欧洲全套生产技术,原装引进荒料成型控制系统及质量电脑监控系统,并经过我公司科研人员多年深入研发生产工艺配方、检测流程工艺技术、技术创新致力打造“取原于天然,还原于天然”的高品质的“LE品牌”天然合成大理石。公司占地总面积6万平方米,其中厂房占地面积3万平方米。年生产“LE品牌”天然合成大理石200万平方米。设有大型生产加工天然合成石、大理石、花岗石板材及工艺制品厂。
More Information: SPECIFICATION

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