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Save It Easy - T5 LED Tube Lamp
Licence Number: CICGPC-L-22413(LED)
Model Number: T5S-02009-840-D01, T5S-02009-860-D01 & T5S-04018-840-D01, T5S-04018-860-D01
Category: LED Lighting
Subcategory: N/A
Description: The New Vision Save It Easy range of LED tubes is designed to give the highest levels of energy savings possible.
We have used the very latest technologies with a unique proprietary design to achieve an industry leading level of light output - over 130 lumens per watt (lamp only) with a frosted diffuser. This has allowed us to provide the required light output at lower powers than any other LED tube in the market - delivering even greater energy savings.
This T5 LED tube can also be used with other LED drivers on the market as long as it supplies the correct DC voltage and current, this allows uses with other dimming interface or specific power requirements.
Plastic capped aluminium heat sink together with polycarbonate diffuser means that there is no glass, mercury or other hazardous substances (unlike fluorescent lamps) making these light fittings not only energy efficient but also environmentally friendly, safe and durable.
Compatible with New Vision IntelliDim - dynamic lighting controller.
Company Name: Energys Spectrum Limited
Address: 4A Meyer Industrial Building 2 Chong Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Telephone No.: 25909638
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.engyspec.com/
Manufacture/Supply of Product: LED Lighting
Company Introduction: Energys Spectrum is a total energy saving solution provider and the innovation arm of Energys Group of UK. We focus on cloud based data logging, audit, analysis, benchmarking, control and management solutions of the enhancement of energy efficiency for equipment including lighting, iAQ, and HVAC power systems through deployment of IoT and AI. Our services include energy audit, consultancy, product supply & installation, project management & verification as well as maintenance.
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