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ArchiRay LED® LED T8 tube
Licence Number: CICGPC-L-23003(LED)
Model Number: TA0610, TA0915, TA1216, TA1218, TA1226, TA1522, TA1526
Category: LED Lighting
Subcategory: N/A
Description: ArchiRay LED® LED tube is high efficiency up to 150lm/W. LED chips lifespan up to 50,000hrs. There are 2-feet, 3-feet, 4-feet and 5-feet for different needs. Dimmable version also available. It can be installed in weatherproof batten. It's suitable for office, warehouses, carparks, staircases, corridors, etc.
Company Name: ArchiRay LED Technology Limited
Address: Rm42, 17/F, Blk D, Wah Lok Industrial Centre, Fo Tan
Telephone No.: 62231889
Website: https://www.archirayled.com/
Manufacture/Supply of Product: LED Lighting
Company Introduction: 我們Archiray LED®是一間香港註冊的LED品牌,專門供應優質可靠的LED產品給各大工程及設計公司
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