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Application Fee Licence Fee
(Renewal Fee)
HKD$9,000 HKD$6,000/3 years
1. Application Fee
An Application Fee of HKD9,000 per product criteria for initial application.

2. Licence Fee / Renewal Fee
A Licence Fee for 3 years of HKD6,000 per product will be charged upon award of the CIC Green Product Certificate.
A Renewal Fee of HKD6,000 per product criteria which is payable upon each renewal of the licence for a 3-year period

The applicant is required to complete the certification within 12 months from the date of submission of application. Otherwise a new submission is required and the applicant is required to pay the application fee of HK$9,000 again.
The fee paid by the applicant upon application of or in relation to the CIC Green Product Certification is non-refundable regardless of whether the Application is successful or not.

3. Other Notes
The above fee does not include bank charges and other extra fees (e.g. fees on remittance, postage, transportation, etc). The Applicant shall be responsible for settling the above expenses.

The above fees do not include testing reports submitted by the applicant under the requirement of CIC Green Product Certification.

Each application with its assessment result shall last for 3 years ONLY. The product shall then be re-assessed through a new application process if the assessment standard of the relevant product category are updated or the characteristics of the product are changed to ensure that it fulfills the most up-to-date Assessment Standard for using the Label and keeps abreast of the market trend.

If the Applicant has adverse comment on the result, he/ she can lodge an appeal in writing, with an appeal registration fee of HKD$9,000 per case, in 45 calendar days from the issue date of the result notification email.

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