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Online Application Guide


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Applicants must first complete the user registration prior to applying CIC Green Product Certification


1.     Mouse over "Apply" at the bar menu > click USER REGISTRATION

2.     Fill in the information for registration

3.     Read the "TERMS AND CONDITIONS", check the box if you agree and click Submit


4.     An email titled "CIC Green Product Certification – "User Registration" will be sent. To activate your account, click the link in the email.  


1.     Mouse over "Apply" at the bar menu > click USER LOG IN

2.     Enter your Login ID and password, and click Login

3.     After login, click Apply for CIC Green Product Certification to start the application

4.     Please read "TERMS AND CONDITIONS" and click AGREE for ongoing application process.

5.     In Part A "Product Information", input below general information of the product:

        -Product Name

        -Model Number



Then click Submit and Go to Next Step

6.     In Part B "Photos", upload photo(s) of the product. Then click Proceed to Next Step.

7.   In Part C "Supporting Documents (Core Criteria)", it is compulsory to upload ALL supporting documents of CORE criteria. Different Product Categories may have different core criteria. For example, if there are five core criteria, at least one supporting document must be uploaded for each criterion. Otherwise, the application cannot be proceeded.

The button of (i) can be clicked to view further explanations of the criteria. 

8.     For uploading process, choose the particular supporting document and fill in other information as below:

        -Issue Body/ Certification Body/ Testing Lab of Document

        -Description/ Justification

        -Issue Date

        -Expiry Date (Optional)

Then click Upload/ Add Supporting Document

You can select uploaded documents for the remaining criteria.


After uploaded ALL supporting documents for ALL core criteria, click Proceed to Next Step

9.      In Part D "Supporting Documents (Non-Core Criteria)", please upload AVAILABLE supporting documents of NON-CORE criteria, but it is not compulsory to upload for NON-CORE criteria.

Follow Step 8 to upload available supporting documents for Non-Core Criteria. 

After that, you may click Add Another Product/ Submit Application

10.     If click Add Another Product, repeat Steps 4 to 9 to submit another application.

11.     Click Submit Application to complete the application

12.   An email titled "CIC Green Product Certification - Invoice" with the invoice attached will then be sent. Please proceed with payment. Payment can be settled via bank-in, cheque or online payment.

13.     Application status can be viewed by clicking View Application Status

14.     Click Process Payment to submit payment evidence.

15.     The application process is completed. A receipt will be sent after full settlement of payment. 

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