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CanSEALER Deep Penetrative Crystalline Concrete Preservative Waterproofing Sealer
Licence Number: CICGPC-L-22400(P&C)
Model Number: CS1-STS
Category: Paint & Coating
Subcategory: Coating
Description: CanSEALER(CS1)-STS is a waterproofing nano-graded sealer, which forms concrete preservative waterproofing membrane using Canadian NCPP technologies. The composite concrete membrane is formed to waterproof and protect the concrete from harmful chemicals to extend the lifetime of concrete. The sealer provides strong resistance against both positive/ back pressure of water. It allows concrete breathing while prohitbiting water droplets ingression.

1. Water-based eco-friendly product that is non-toxic, non-caustic and non-flammable.
2. Colourless and odourless waterproofing solution with anti-soil, anti-algae and mould/mildew-proof properties.
3. Penetration of up to 80mm into the concrete causing no change to the surface appearance and compatible with all products.
4. Permanent waterproofing of concrete even with back pressure resistance (max. 80 bars/atm).
5. Damp proofing and hardening of concrete.
6. Inhibition of oils, greases, and light acids ingress
7. Anti-carbonation and excellent resistance to corrosion/chemical attacks (e.g. chloride, sulphates and de-icing salts, etc.)
8. Extraordinary resistance to freezing and thawing cycles.
Company Name: CanaShield Nano-Technologies Limited
Address: Room B-C, 19/F., Manly Commercial Building, 15 Soy Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon, H.K.
Telephone No.: 27634855
Email: [email protected]
Manufacture/Supply of Product: Glazing, Paint & Coating, Adhesive & Sealant, Thermal Insulation
Company Introduction: Realizing the growing demands of pleasant green environment by the HK Government and public, CanaShield come into service since 2008. We are specialized in providing Green Building solutions to the construction industry. We offer products, services and construction solutions for improving the living environment and promoting energy savings. Our advanced technologies can be applied to the designs of new developments as well as upgrading existing buildings.
More Information: Product Leaflet

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